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小說獎 入圍

2019臺灣文學金典獎 入圍


Struggling with alcohol addiction, surgeon Jun-Cheng decides to take a break from his medical practice. He travels to a remote mountain area to study spontaneous gangrene, a mysterious epidemic that first claimed a woman soon to give birth before rapidly seizing the entire village. This disease’s deadly secret was eventually buried many years ago together with the inhabitants of an entire village. The surgeon stays at the site of the former village, now a farm for tourists, where he happens upon a scene of unsettling beauty: massive swarms of fireflies far beyond the usual number. The same virulent disease is trailing in the wake of the star-like clusters of fireflies. Soon the resurgent plague is casting its own deadly glow. Jun-Cheng’s investigation reveals that the past tragedy also coincided with an abnormal surge in the number of fireflies. In some unusual way, the mysterious disease and the fireflies appear to be linked.

ISBN 9789869305129  

產品編號 L0002


#神秘疾病 #感染 #TAAZE流螢 #瘟疫


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